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"The Gramsci Global Society, TGGS, is an academic and political initiative concibed from the South to the World. The main site is located in Bogotá, with alternative and rotative points of confluence and concurrence. Its public birth has to do with the intense, plural and variegated collective experiences put in place by the active role played by the Subaltern Groups and Classes in Latin America.

And more specifically ,  the GGS comes from the praxis displayed by the subalterns and their democratic and revolutionary fights, triumphs and defeats  in The Andes and Amazonas Subregion. This is the nodal point of departure, in which  we have regularly celebrated Eleven  International Seminars Antonio Gramsci  since 2008. Since then we got the participation of scholars, inter and transdisciplinary academic, political and social activists. movements and organisations.

The whole process, political, social, economic and ideological, enriched by the interlocution with Gramscian intellectuals from Italy, United States of America, Spain, Canada, nowadays comes to an end. And persuade us that it´s enough time to consolidate and space to think, debate and evaluate its trajectory, to enpower the complex experience that was named  "Socialismo Siglo XXI". 

When this  wave covered around 16 years of the most rich and challenging battle against Neoliberalism in the subcontinent,  this coyuncture has revealed what are the strengths and weaknesses of it. The Gramsci Global Society  is engaged with the punctual political and scientific ask to evaluate the whole process from the very beginning to learn and apply the lessons at all levels. Particularly TGGS is commited with Gramsci´s legacy and how it helps to think and rethink the current  affairs and development connected and related to the Subalterns present and incoming future.

Based on what we had discussed during the past X International Seminar, we procede to present and publicize the creation of this virtual and practical instance, devoted to study and share Gramsci´s  thought and the theoretical and practical contributions in that fields, from Latin America and  the  world.

We will have the opportunity, during the XI International Seminar , to deliberate and adjust the details of this voluntary Foundation that happens to be in the culminating phase of  the Peace Process in Colombia, and the restablishment of equal relations between Cuba and the United States, which put an end to the Cold War, and open a new historical process for the entire region.  Neither to say, that the Seminar will be the preparatory act  to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the  first volume of The Capital by Marx, and the 80th anniversary of  Gramsci´s death marked by the magna edition of his work .

Dear Friends, Colleagues, Comrades and Common People welcome to be active participants, supporters and animateurs of this iniative. Born in the South for the whole world,  which needs an anticapitalist and urgent turn in all the respects, to display all the Human potentialities in armony with nature and the creatures that inhabit and share the Earth with us. "


Miguel Ángel Herrera Zgaib

Director del Proyecto

Seminario Internacional Antonio Gramsci

Programa Historia de los Subalternos- Subregion Andino Amazónica

Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Departamento de Ciencia Política

Bogotá, Colombia



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Prof. Dr. Miguel Ángel Herrera Zgaib

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